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Our first forum everyone!! Hope this will help us in many KNOT aspects, which will allow us to grow and better function as a group. Enjoy!!

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Rules & Regulations

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1 Rules & Regulations on Fri Feb 17, 2017 1:55 pm


1.  Do not use innapropriate language.  The conversations are to stay PG rated.  If you really must say something, take it to /tells or off-game.

2.  All conversations are to stay game related depending on what linkshell, chat-log, or discord channel you are on.

3.  DFD linkshell/channel is for discussions that are not meant for the main chat log.  Whether that be religion, political, heated debates or anything that might not be wanted or stir up drama.

4.  If you have problems with a member please come see a Kagi, myself (Nippon), or any high ranks.  Make sure to take a picture of any offensive chat or action the person has done.

5.  Do not complain about your rank.  If you want to get promoted...EARN IT.

6.  Keep active in the free company, if you haven't been around for close to 10 days on the game you will be kicked from the free company.  You need to give early notice of being absent on the game or discord for it not to count against you.

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