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Our first forum everyone!! Hope this will help us in many KNOT aspects, which will allow us to grow and better function as a group. Enjoy!!

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Promotion Guidelines

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1 Promotion Guidelines on Fri Feb 17, 2017 2:03 pm

1.   "Shamisen"
You can get this Rank only through invite qualifications.  If you have invited at least 3-5 people who are regular in the free company and keep up with what is going on in the main chat log, you will be promoted to the "Shamisen" Rank!!  (You must tell a High Rank if someone has accepted an invite from you, for us to keep tally)

2.  "Matsuri"
This rank can be acquired through events.  If you are able to help with events; whether that be judging them, handing them out for others to enjoy, or even with creating them.  You must have gone through, helped, chaperoned, et at least 10 events to earn this promotion.

3.  "Kagi no Tsurugi"
For this rank you must have done 20 discord/party chat dungeons along side fc members.

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